Medical Professionals Who Treat Patients in Men’s Alcohol Rehab Centers


A rehabilitation center has a combination of medical experts who are specialized in various areas of the medical profession. Rehab for men has a variety of medical personnel who will offer you all the medical services that you need at the same place. Here are some of the residential addiction rehab Florida professionals who will serve you at the rehab.


Psychologists help addict survivors who have been rendered permanently disable to accept the condition and move on with life as normal. They counsel the family on how to handle and support their addicted loved on.


Recreational therapists offer mens alcohol addiction treatment Florida to addicts in a fun way. They engage you in recreational activities of your interest from sports, yoga, and more. These recreational activities will distract you from negative thoughts that are caused by addiction, such as suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, and more.


Dietitians work closely with nutritionists to offer inpatients a balanced diet. They supervise the preparation of meals and serving to ensure that inpatients adopt healthy eating habits at the rehab that will promote quick recovery.


Neurologists will treat any medicinal health disorder that is caused by drug addiction. Drugs destroy the nervous system. The brain is the center of the nervous system because the cells of the brain interpret the receptors that are sent to it by the nerves to enable you to experience your five senses. These experts do not perform surgery to the brain.


Neuro-Psychologists evaluate the relationship between your brain and your behavior. They offer training programs that minimize the brain damage that is caused by drugs for you to have a healthy brain. You will not undergo surgery in the hands of these experts.


Ophthalmologists take care of the visual system to protect the eyes from infections and injuries that are caused by infections from drug addiction. They examine the vision, recommend contact lenses, treat the eyes using medications, and also perform surgery. Watch this video at for more info about rehab.


Neurosurgeons are trained to perform surgery on the nervous system, including the brain. Some drugs cause severe damages to the brain, which forces medical professionals to recommend surgery.


Physiatrists have skills and knowledge in orthopedics and neurology to help you recover from mental and emotional disorders that are caused by drugs. They will help you to deal with the emotional challenges that are caused by addiction and the transformation process at the rehab.


Occupational therapists treat addicts who are mentally, physically, and emotionally affected by empowering them with work skills and improve their talents. They help the person to be productive and independent so that they can get means of generating income after the rehab program. An addict needs a stable source of income after the rehab treatment to protect them from relapsing due to the stress of unemployment.


Physical therapists ensure that you are physically fit and flexible. They strengthen the muscles, restore the functioning of the motor, and enhance balance, coordination, movement, and endurance of joints. Some drugs weaken the muscles in severe cases of addiction in that the person may not even be able to work.Life Care Planners

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